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Re: Setup of texlive-collection-basic waits in postinstall/0p_texlive_prep.dash

On 30/06/2016 11:11, Pavel Kudrna wrote:
I have problem installing texlive-collection-basic on 32bit XP. It is
not fresh install.

If I select texlive only the Cygwin Setup finishes successfully,
/var/log/setup.log shows

2016/06/30 09:30:33 Starting cygwin install, version 2.874
2016/06/30 09:30:33 User has backup/restore rights
2016/06/30 09:30:33 Current Directory: C:\temp\cygwin
2016/06/30 09:30:33 Could not open service McShield for query, start
and stop. McAfee may not be installed, or we don't have access.
2016/06/30 09:30:36 source: network install
2016/06/30 09:30:36 root: C:\PROGRA~1\cygwin system
2016/06/30 09:30:37 Selected local directory: C:\temp\cygwin
2016/06/30 09:30:38 net: Direct
2016/06/30 09:30:40 site:
2016/06/30 09:31:01 NOTE!  User refused suggested missing
dependencies!  Expect some packages to give errors or not function at

This eventually is a potential problem

2016/06/30 09:31:03 Extracting from

2016/06/30 09:31:05 Changing gid back to original
2016/06/30 09:31:05 running: C:\PROGRA~1\cygwin\bin\dash.exe
2016/06/30 09:31:15 running: C:\PROGRA~1\cygwin\bin\dash.exe
2016/06/30 09:31:16 running: C:\PROGRA~1\cygwin\bin\dash.exe
2016/06/30 09:31:17 running: C:\PROGRA~1\cygwin\bin\dash.exe
2016/06/30 09:31:17 Changing gid to Administrators
2016/06/30 09:31:19 note: Installation Complete
2016/06/30 09:31:19 Ending cygwin install

Newertheless in /etc/postinstall files I see files


without .done suffix. Is it already symptom of problem?

No. These special ones are run every time setup runs to handle
key updates.

The main problem is installing texlive-collection-basic. Setup waits at
/etc/postinstall/0p_texlive_prep.dash while
in /var/log the file setup.log.runXa03548 grows by repeating lines

      2 [main] perl 3928 child_info_fork::abort: unable to remap
Util.dll to same address as parent (0x6F0000) - try running rebaseall
Can't fork, trying again in 5 seconds at
/usr/share/tlpkg/TeXLive/ line 228.
      1 [main] perl 2520 child_info_fork::abort: unable to remap Cwd.dll
to same address as parent (0x6C0000) - try running rebaseall
Can't fork, trying again in 5 seconds at
/usr/share/tlpkg/TeXLive/ line 228.

How many packages have you installed ?
0x6C0000 is a very low address

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