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Re: POSIX permission mapping and NULL SIDs

On 6/24/16, 12:51 PM, "Corinna Vinschen" < on
behalf of> wrote:

>>Could my mapping of the NULL SID somehow interfere with Cygwinâs ACL
>> mapping? No way right? Turns out that: yes!
>> line:787
>Read the comment at the beginning of the file explaining how new-style
>ACLs look like.

Thank you for the pointers and the historical information.

>>I am also seeking an alternative to using the NULL SID for
>> ânobodyâ/ânogroupâ. Is there a Cygwin suggested one?
>Not yet.  We're coming from the other side.  We always have *some* SID.
>pwdgrp::fetch_account_from_windows() in tries to convert the SID
>to a passwd or group entry.  If everything fails, the SID is used in this
>passwd/group entry verbatim, but mapped to uid/gid -1.

I also noticed that there is no uid mapping for nobody. On my OSX box it
is -2. On many other POSIX systems it appears to be the 32-bit or 16-bit
equivalent of -2.

For the time being I am mapping unknown SIDâs to -1 as per Cygwin.

>If you want some specific mapping we can arrange that, but it must not
>be the NULL SID.  If you know you're communicating with a Cygwin process,
>what about using an arbitrary, unused SID like S-1-0-42?

I am inclined to try S-1-5-7 (Anonymous). But I do not know if that is a
bad choice for some reason or other.

The main reason that I am weary of using an unused SID is that Microsoft
may decide to assign some special powers to it in a future release (e.g.
GodMode SID). But I agree that this is rather unlikely in the S-1-0-X

>How do you differ nobody from nogroup if you use the same SID for both,

I use the same SID for both nobody and nogroup. This should work as long
as you use the permission mapping from the [PERMS] document.


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