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Piping on 64-bit Cygwin was Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] llvm 3.7.1-2

Yes, it's the same piping problem of three years ago.

At the time the Geomview community wondered if this was
the shape of things to come for piping and IPC in general,
and if Geomview would need fixing for all platforms.
But since 32-bit and 64-bit Cygwin differed, and OpenGL
didn't work on 64-bit Cygwin either, making 32-bit the
obvious choice to use, masterful inaction was the
result. Wait and see how 64-bit Cygwin shakes out...

Three years on, 64-bit Cygwin is still the outlier;
piping works everywhere else, 32- and 64-bit. It would
be good to have 64-bit Cygwin work with Geomview and
its modules, particularly since 32-bit OpenGL seems less
than reliable (as also shown by the weird things seen
on Raspbian on the Pi).

It would also be good if Geomview was in the Cygwin
installer, as compiling it is not easy for many; it's
already a Debian package.

But I don't personally have the technical piping or
Cygwin-specific knowledge to troubleshoot this one,
other than providing and maintaining the installation
hints at


Lloyd Wood
(that screenshot comes from 32-bit Cygwin, btw.) 

----- Original Message -----
From: Jon Turney <>
Sent: Monday, 20 June 2016, 22:58
Subject: Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] llvm 3.7.1-2

On 10/06/2016 02:18, wrote:
> Thanks, picking up 3.7.1-2 from the site (as it's
> not mirrored everywhere yet) resolved the 32-bit OpenGL crashing
> issues with SaVi and Geomview that I reported in May; texturemapping
> is back.

You're welcome.

> (I've no idea how 64-bit OpenGL is doing, as unique Cygwin piping
> issues there prevent SaVi and Geomview from communicating.)

I guess this is the same 'piping problem' I asked for more details on 
back in [1]?

Can you please provide more information?


Jon Turney
Volunteer Cygwin/X X Server maintainer

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