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Octave/HDF5 library/header mismatch


My apologies if this is a bit verbose, or if the terminology is a bit wrong; I know enough to get myself into trouble but not enough to communicate problems well.

After updating cygwin, a working script failed, causing octave to exit (with an error code 6).

A minimal example is attached; it opens octave, creates a simple vector of values, and tries to save the workspace to disc. The error message is at the end.

It appears there is a mismatch between the compiled octave version and the most recent version of the HDF5 headers.

The current version of the package octave is 4.0.1-1. Reverting it to the previous version makes no difference.

Reverting the package libhdf5_10 from the current version 1.8.17-1 to the previous version 1.8.16-1 means that octave 4.0.1-1 can save the workspace.

So: workaround: revert libhdf5_10 to 1.8.16-1. Presumably, the current version of octave was compiled at an inopportune point; I don't think this is something that I can remedy myself, is it?

I think this is the correct place to report this to; it isn't a problem per se with the individual programs, but with the way they're packed together. I think. Do correct me if I am wrong; I'm a bit new to this whole business.


Gavin King

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