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Re: stty icrnl

On Jun 10 00:07, Achim Gratz wrote:
> Warren Young writes:
> > Unfortunately, it is a GUI program, which seems to go against the OPâs actual wish, which is for a command line program.  
> Right.  Plus it doesn't have the translation capabilities that I needed
> in this particular case.
> > If the OP can stand a curses terminal program (as opposed to a purely
> > bytestream oriented program like cu or direct /dev/tty* access) then
> > Iâd suggest minicom.
> I've used minicom on Linux for similar hardware.  It also doesn't have
> the translation capabilities needed since usually the IOCTL layer does
> it, which remains unimplemented in Cygwin for serial lines.

It doesn't have to stay this way, you know?

Ideally by somebody who knows how this dreaded Windows serial line API


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