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Re: Unwanted disconnections of X clients - cygwin 64 - version 2.874

On 03/06/2016 18:09, Jean-Paul Bouchet wrote:
We use Cygwin for a few years to give access to linux servers to users
from their windows PC.
We use xlaunch to launch Xwin and open X11 remote sessions via XDMCP.
Our linux server launches on Cygwin/X a client to let users
authentificate themselves and open a session on the linux server. Once
connected, gdm3 opens a session combining a set of clients and
permitting the users to open the applications they need.

This works correctly on several pc of our local network with various
versions of cygwin, such as:
- version 2.859 of cygwin (installation: 16/01/2015) - 32 bits
- version 2.870 of cygwin (installation: 24/04/2015) - 64 bits

Unfortunately, the version number of cygwin setup is not very helpful here.

The version number of the cygwin DLL (reported by uname -a) and of the X server (XWin --version) is probably more relevant.

With recent versions, at least  2.873 or 2.874, we observe that :

This is a very wide date range for this regression, between 24/04/2015 (2.870) and 25/04/2016 (2.874). Anything you can do to narrow that down further would be helpful.

- the login client is closed and relaunched every 2 to 5 minutes
- the session, once opened, is closed and all clients killed every 2 to
5 minutes, independently of the activity of the user (he may work or
not), as if the PC was disconnected. The login client is displayed again
after each disconnection.

Thanks for reporting this problem.

Nothing abnormal appears in the log file of cygwin, nor in the windows
events and errors files.

On the linux server, some errors are notified in the .xsession-errors of
the user: Fatal IO error 11 (Ressource temporairement non disponible) on
X server
May be, on the linux server, the session manager fails to read or write
something on the X server running on the PC or to receive some data he
has asked, and decides to close the session. But what ?

Yes, these errors are consistent with the data not being received on the TCP/IP connection between hosts.

I assume you have ruled out networking problems with the machines where this problem is seen?

Does the session get sluggish or stick before it is reset, or does it just suddenly stop?

Jon Turney
Volunteer Cygwin/X X Server maintainer

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