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last snapshot is not better than previous version


I tried the snapshot dated 2016-05-20. Okay, this one was not announced.

Functionally it seems ok. But some simple tasks now take a lot of time compared to the last non-snapshot version (2.5.1):

1) searching into a small text file
A simple text file (created with "seq 10000") takes several seconds to load in vim. Lookup for the string "9999" then takes 5 seconds. Previously, searching "9999999" in a bigger file (created with "seq 10000000") used to take 2 seconds only.

Note: The "seq 10000000 > myfile" itself makes no notable difference.

2) ls in a large directory
My /usr/bin contains 8098 files. Previously, a plain "ls -F" in this folder took some initialization time (2 seconds), then the display of the files was quite instantaneous. With the new snapshot, the initialization (stat and sort) takes more or less the same time, but afterwards, each single line is displayed at a visible pace, a clear screen is executed after each set of ~24 lines and the whole directory is listed in about 10 minutes.

Note: "ls | wc -l" itself makes no notable difference.

This occurs under X-Windows (xterm) or not (login window). Under x86, Windows 7. I switched back to 2.5.1.

This message just in case it could be useful.


Denis Excoffier.

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