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Re: cp: skipping file 'file', as it was replaced while being copied

Kenneth Wolcott wrote:

  cp: skipping file 'file', as it was replaced while being copied

  I have several mounted partitions on my Windows machine (64bit Windows 7).

  Copying a file using cygwin cp , via mintty, from a mounted drive to
a local path, I frequently get the aforementioned message.

  Is the partition not properly understood by Cygwin?

  I really dislike having to use Windows in the first place, at least
Cygwin, when it works, makes it more bearable.

The actual command was (line broken by backslash by me to make it more

 cp /cygdrive/p/Engineering/Ken_Wolcott/new_Mobility_Audit_script/ \
/cygdrive/c/Documents\ and\ Settings/kwolcott/Desktop/files4trombone/.

Does your 'cp' have any aliases or functions that get run?

For example if you have a "cp -a" or "cp -au" as an alias, this
can cause icky problems copying to or from a samba network drive
from or to a local drive.

I don't know if it is fixed in the latest tree, but I have
a feeling it is not, because it's dang hard to fix.  But it has to
do with maintaining files that are *linked* where it updates one of
the linked files, then tries to copy the other, and finds it gone or
finds some different answer for the link's updating due to it already
having been copied over via the earlier linked-file.

This can also happen due to having 2 differently-cased versions of the
same file (as windows sees them as 1 file and tries to get rid of the copy). It can be reproduced on linux with any fs that allows
case-insensitivity (but may also be case preserving).  Besides xfs
having that for ascii since before xfs was on linux, I think some other FS's, zfs, maybe, and some planned future extensions
to existing file systems.   Again, don't know the status of this
bug either, but it might be related to how the case-insensitivity is
done in the file system implementing it.

Why do you have 'documents and settings' on your PC?  That went away
with XP and was replaced by 'Users'.  Is the local file system

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