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Cygwin DLL 2.5.1 setup-x86_64.exe flagged by AVG for IDP.ARES.Generic

On 4/30/2016, I was performing a regular update by running setup-x86_64.exe (not Cygwin DLL 2.5.1, was older version but have lost that info because of what came next).

During the run of setup I had downloaded earlier this year, the setup program gave the message that a newer version of setup was available.  This is standard from my experience, so I went to the Cygwin home page and downloaded the latest setup-x86_64.exe, version Cygwin DLL 2.5.1 (overwriting the previous version I had saved).

When I ran setup-x86_64.exe (the newly downloaded version 2.5.1), AVG popped up and warned that IDP.ARES.Generic was detected attempting to install, and asked me to "Protect" by removing the threat.  I (hopefully) erred on the side of caution and agreed to the protection.

I've searched the Mailing lists at Cygwin and I've Google searched for the IDP.ARES.Generic issue (including variations of the Google search to require mention of Cygwin in the results returned), but I'm not finding anything.

My currently installed Cygwin suite of apps all still seem to work fine (I wouldn't expect anything different), but wasn't sure if AVG had really found something in Cygwin SETUP or if this is a false alarm.  Not savy enough (yet) to dig into the bits inside setup-x86_64.exe and confirm the threat is real.

Sorry for the verbose background, but ... use Cygwin (apps) all the time, hoping to get a confirmation on the validity of this threat?

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