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Re: wget seemingly modifies file access permissions on XP

Greetings, mihau!

>> > unfortunately, this did not help, not even after a reboot.
>> Did not help with what?

> sorry if this wasn't specific enough.
> "this did not help" meant the behavior described in the original message did not
> change at all; cygwin wget works like before and - in comparison to mingw wget -
> messes up the file permissions.

It doesn't "mess up", it "follow the rules".
If you want different results, you'd need to tell that to the system.

>> Don't try to second guess the created ACL, please.
>> What command do you call, and how does the ACL look afterwards?
>> Please send both, icacls and getfacl output of the created ACL.

> attached output from both, as I don't have icacls on my system - a little
> websearch revealed it was introduced with Vista - I have included cacls
> output instead if this is of any help.
> (legend:
> index1.html was downloaded with wget cygwin,
> index2.html was downloaded with wget mingw)

>> Btw., if you wget a file it's *supposed* to be non-executable.  Assuming
>> your umask is 0022, the file will be create with 0644 permissions.  The
>> default ACL created in this case explicitely disables execution for the
>> admin user if the admin user is part of the ACL.  Just run `chmod +x'
>> afterwards if that's the only problem.

> I specifically meant exe as in windows executables,

There's no such thing as "windows executables" in POSIX terminology.
And Cygwin is a POSIX compatibility layer.

> files w/ .exe suffix;
> just tried "chmod +x" and you are correct, it works, my helloworld.exe
> became executable indeed. thank you for that.

> any idea why wget cygwin interferes with those things though?

It does not "interfere" in a sense that it breaks something. It just does what
it is supposed to do.

> in my understanding it should just copy/save a file from a remote server
> to a local computer, without even touching file permissions or such.

Not quite correct. Unless you mount your /cygdrive with noacl flag, every tool
that create a file is expected to initialize default access permissions on it.
As per POSIX.
And default POSIX permissions are (0666 & umask) for file, or (0777 & umask)
for directory.
(Even if you use noacl for /cygdrive, anything you do WITHIN the Cygwin
installation root will still follow POSIX permissions. Trying to change THAT
is a sure way to break your installation. Eventually.)

> several windows batch files which I use now, either have to be edited
> and "chmod +x" added in all of them - or I'll just stick with wget mingw.

Or you start actually understanding what you are doing, and reading

> it's just that I wonder why this didn't happen before, maybe it's my fault
> because I had replaced wget cygwin with wget mingw years ago? to be honest,
> I don't remember.

We never knew that, so it's near impossible to tell now.
The point being, this CAN be set to work the way you need it to.
If you stop blaming and start learning.

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Wednesday, March 30, 2016 22:51:42

Sorry for my terrible english...

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