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Re: wget seemingly modifies file access permissions on XP

On Mar 30 18:28, mihau wrote:
> >Remove your /etc/passwd and /etc/group files.  Don't regeneate them,
> >they are not required anymore (
> >Then try again.
> unfortunately, this did not help, not even after a reboot.

Did not help with what?  Don't try to second guess the created ACL,
please.  What command do you call, and how does the ACL look afterwards?
Please send both, icacls and getfacl output of the created ACL.

Btw., if you wget a file it's *supposed* to be non-executable.  Assuming
your umask is 0022, the file will be create with 0644 permissions.  The
default ACL created in this case explicitely disables execution for the
admin user if the admin user is part of the ACL.  Just run `chmod +x'
afterwards if that's the only problem.


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