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[ANNOUNCEMENT] rxvt 2.7.10-1

The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* rxvt-2.7.10-1

rxvt is a colour vt102 terminal emulator intended as an xterm(1) 
replacement for users who do not require features such as Tektronix 4014 
emulation and toolkit-style configurability. The rxvt terminal is light on 
system resources and otherwise packed with features.

The W11 abstraction layer, which was intended to allow running rxvt either 
with or without X11, was not easily ported to 64-bit Windows.  As this 
package has been unmaintained, nor has there been any upstream development, 
for quite some time, this was not about to resolve itself.  Fortunately, 
mintty has since fulfilled the need for a proper terminal emulator which 
does not require X11.

This version switches from a git snapshot to the latest upstream official 
release, with Debian's patchset.  Furthermore, the W11 abstraction layer 
has been disabled, making this version pure X11 as it is on other systems, 
and available on 64-bit Cygwin for the first time.

Due to limitations in Cygwin setup, existing 32-bit users of rxvt will need 
to manually select this version in order to switch.  That does mean that 
the W11-enabled version will remain installed in the meantime, but only this 
version will be supported.


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