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Possible bug: ssh-host-config - getent when computer name is "-" (dash)

I noticed this bug for the first time today on a computer that has the computer name "-" (dash).

During ssh-host-config:
*** Query: Do you want to use a different name? (yes/no) no
/usr/bin/getent: invalid option -- '+'
Try `getent --help' or `getent --usage' for more information.
*** Query: Create new privileged user account '-\cyg_server' (Cygwin name: 'cyg_server')? (yes/no) yes

I suspect this has to do with the computer name because getent & ssh-host-config have never failed this way for me before. Moreover getent seems to be able to query the computer name, and the error message makes me think that it may be connected.

I included the 2nd query just to show that it continued the process after the error occurred. I'm not sure if this error is going to cause problems down the line.

Will I be encountering tons of problems with a computer name of "-"? It seems to only be a problem right here & right now.

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