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Re: Change PS1 when run as administrator

Corinna Vinschen <corinna-cygwin <at>> writes:
> On Mar 23 12:35, Brian Inglis wrote:
>> Warren Young <wyml <at>> writes:
>>> Confirmed, at least on Win10 64-bit without any AD mucking things up.
>>> That is, I get both 114 and 544 here, so I donât need the 114 rule at all.
>> Opposite for me on Win7 x64 non-domain machine! 
>> I am always a member of 544(Administrators) group and it is my default
>> primary group in normal non-admin and elevated admin shells. 
>> In elevated admin shell, I am also a member of 114(Local account and 
>> member of Administrators group) and 405504(High Mandatory Level) not 
>> 401408(Medium Mandatory Level). 

> You have either some /etc/passwd, /etc/group settings overshadowing the
> default settings, or you used the "desc" method described in
> to change your primary group.
> Otherwise your primary group is always "None", or the equivalent in your
> locale.  The admins group is *never* the primary group, unless you
> messed with the settings for Cygwin as outlined above.
> If you're member in the Admins group, then the admins group is part of
> the non-elevated token, but only as "deny-only" group.  That means, it's
> usually not shown in id, unless you made it primary group, in which case
> it has to be shown.
> You better remove this.  I think I'll fix this function to not allow
> primary groups which are not enabled in the token.

net user /comment - thanks, that worked.
Removed comment (in elevated shell) and default became None.
Readded comment with Users and that became the default.
Will leave that there, as seeing None=="local non-domain accounts" bugs me,
and it seems stupid to default anything to local non-domain accounts only.

Is there a better consistent choice of dynamic group having elevated rights
on both local and domain systems than 544 e.g. 114 or 405504 or ?

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