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Re: fts_read failed error during Cygwin find, du, etc operations

On Mar 18 14:50, Kenneth Wolcott wrote:
> Hi;
>   I am using a daily refreshed Cygwin64 on WIndows 7 Enterprise.
>   When I mount fairly large NetApp volumes and perform a
> du -sh path
> or
> find path etc
> or
> rm -rf path
> where path is involved in the mount. like /cygdrive/y/ as mentioned below;
> (those are the three that I remember, all apps recursive descend a
> directory tree);
> I'll frequently get the following error.
> du -sh /cygdrive/y/Some_Large_Directory
> du: fts_read failed:
> /cygdrive/y/Some_Large_Directory/dir/dir/dir/file: No such file or
> directory

By "Some_Large_Directory", do you mean a directory with a long name, or
a directory with lots of files in it?  If the latter, is there a chance
that you get very long pathnames while descending into the dir, like,
say, longer than 260 chars?  (Just a hunch...)

> So, what is the cause of this and what is the remedy or workaround?
> So far I have no choice but to fall back to the dos window and dos
> commands or the windows file explorer where I would much rather be
> using Cygwin.

Netapp drives are a bit tricky.  They already get some special handling
in Cygwin, but that may be outdated.  For a start, can you make sure you
have the csih package installed and run

  $ /usr/lib/csih/getVolInfo /cygdrive/y

Also, it would be interesting to see an strace of a failing command like
above, e.g.

  $ strace -o du.strace du -sh /cygdrive/y/Some_Large_Directory

If that works fine it's worthless, but if it fails as you mention
above, please send the du.strace file as attachment to this list.


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