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Re: Running texconfig breaks backspace in Bash/MinTTY

On 3/18/2016 4:34 PM, Yaakov Selkowitz wrote:
On 2016-03-18 15:27, Ken Brown wrote:
On 3/18/2016 4:14 PM, Yaakov Selkowitz wrote:
On 2016-03-18 06:34, Ken Brown wrote:
The best long-term solution is to get rid of the need for texconfig by
tlmgr work on Cygwin[*].

No thanks.  Don't we have all of TeX Live packaged already?  Wouldn't
using this conflict with the packages we already have?

I guess I wasn't clear enough in the footnote when I said I would
disable some features of tlmgr.  What I meant was that I would disable
the features that deal with package management.  But tlmgr does other
things that could be useful (like managing default paper size), and I
would like to make those things work on Cygwin.

texlive uses libpaper, so can paperconf be used for managing paper size?

I doubt it, but I'll check. By "managing default paper size" I simply mean writing the appropriate things to various TeX Live configuration files. And TeX Live already provides Perl modules that do all the work and that are called by tlmgr.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure that Fedora does not ship tlmgr.  You may wish
to check the other major distros and see if they do, and if so what
modifications they made.

I know Debian does. And the Debian TeX Live maintainer (who is also one of the main upstream TeX Live maintainers) told me that he doesn't ship texconfig in Debian because it doesn't work well with TeX Live and because everything it does can be done better by tlmgr.


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