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faster opening Cygwin from Explorer window

I frequently ping-pong back and forth between working in the Windows
and Cygwin environments, needing to keep both Explorer windows and
Cygwin PWD focused on the same folder/directory. (I use mintty in

To open an Explorer window to my Cygwin PWD, I can simply type "cygstart .".
The reverse is a clumsy bit of typing and mousing: From Cygwin/bash, enter 
"cd " (but not Return), go to my Explorer window and drag the folder 
icon from the address bar into the mintty window and press return. 
I'm looking for a simpler method.

My ideal scenario is to right-click in the Explorer window, select the 
new Cygwin option that I'd like to appear, and this would open a 
mintty/bash window with PWD set to that Windows folder.

Long shot, I know, but if anyone has done this and is willing to share
I'd love to hear about it. BTW, I'm using Windows 7 and am current
on Cygwin 64-bit.

--Ken Nellis

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