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Re: clang copy of limits.h misses NAME_MAX

Am 17.03.2016 um 14:42 schrieb Ismail Donmez:
On Thu, Mar 17, 2016 at 3:35 PM, Marco Atzeri <> wrote:
it seems to prefer gcc headers

# 1 "/usr/bin/../lib/clang/3.7.1/include/limits.h" 1 3 4
# 37 "/usr/bin/../lib/clang/3.7.1/include/limits.h" 3 4
# 1 "/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-cygwin/5.3.0/include/limits.h" 1 3 4
# 38 "/usr/bin/../lib/clang/3.7.1/include/limits.h" 2 3 4
# 17 "/usr/include/sys/dirent.h" 2 3 4

I am looking at clang 3.7 headers on Linux so this might be not 100%
same on Cygwin but, clang's limits.h has this on top:

/* The system's limits.h may, in turn, try to #include_next GCC's limits.h.
   Avert this #include_next madness. */
  #if defined __GNUC__ && !defined _GCC_LIMITS_H_
   #define _GCC_LIMITS_H_

which should prevent including gcc's own limits.h but looks like it doesn't.

Actually, that would only try to prevent expanding the contents of GCC's limits.h, by pre-setting its multiple-inclusion guard macro. Which means that the


following it now begins to look at GCC's version, bounces off the guard macro, and finishes. The actual system <limits.h> would have been #include_next'ed in turn (line 168 of /usr/lib/gcc/.../limits.h), but that was disabled by the above hack.

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