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Re: make command fails on cygwin-x86 (cyggmp-10.dll: Loaded to different address)

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> From: Andrey Repin 
> To: Tatsuro MATSUOKA ; cygwin
> Cc: 
> Date: 2016/3/16, Wed 20:51
> Subject: Re: make command fails on cygwin-x86  (cyggmp-10.dll: Loaded to different address)
>G reetings, Tatsuro MATSUOKA!
>>>  rebase-trigger full
>>>  setup to the last 
>>>  rebase-trigger full ?
>>  I started up ash from Windows command prompt and tried to start 
>>  $ rebase-trigger full 
>>  but
>>  ash: 1: rebase-trigger: not found
> Then your installation is sorely out of date.
> $ which rebase-trigger
> /usr/bin/rebase-trigger
> $ rebase-trigger --help
> rebase-trigger [-h | --help | [ full[rebase] | peflags ]]
> Commands:
> ------------------------------------
> full
> fullrebase
>         Perform a full rebase the next time autorebase is run.
> peflags
>         Set some flags on executables necessary to run on a Terminal
>         Server.  This is only needed for 32bit executables that have
>         been created with old toolchains.
I have forgotten ./ before  rebase-trigger in ash. 
"./" is needed if it executed from windows cmd

>>>  setup to the last ?
>>  What should I do for "setup to the last?
> As Achim said, just close all running Cygwin processes, then run setup and let
> it do its magic.
The last step of setup seem to be autorebase then setup command is the easiest way
to use "rebase". Am I right?

After rebase sometime one needs to restart PC. Right?

> Also, if you have 64-bit OS and don't have specific needs for x86 Cygwin, 
> I'd
> recommend scraping your current Cygwin suite and install 64-bit one.
> It gets A LOT easier on memory layout.

I know.

I have both Cygwin32 and Cygwin64 for the purpose to distribute the cvs version 
of gnuplot for windows.

For usual use, I of course uses Cygwin64 on 64 bit windows.

Thank you for your detailed explanations.


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