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Re: Running texconfig breaks backspace in Bash/MinTTY

On 3/16/2016 7:45 AM, Adam Dinwoodie wrote:
Here's an interesting bug: normally in a Bash session in MinTTY,
backspace and Ctrl+H both delete the previous character, as expected.
However, after running texconfig and returning to the shell, both the
backspace key and Ctrl+H appear to just print "^H" to the terminal.

It looks like this is genuinely the terminal trying to render a
backspace character, rather than just backspacing, given the following:

     $ printf ^H | xxd
     00000000: 08                                       .

(To get that, I typed "printf {backspace} | xxd".)

It's not clear to me whether this is Bash, MinTTY or texconfig that's
misbehaving.  Ctrl+W to delete a word, Ctrl+R to get (for me) fzf's
history search, and using the up and down arrows to navigate history all
work.  Running Vim, opening a new Bash shell from within the duff one,
or SSHing to another box has Ctrl+H working just fine within that
process, but the bugged behaviour resumes when I return to the original
Bash shell.

I can't reproduce this on my system. I tried 'texconfig --help' and 'texconfig conf'. What's the precise texconfig command that you used?

Could this have something to do with fzf?


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