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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: coreutils-8.25-1

> Note that this release also includes an upstream change in default
> behavior in 'ls' when dealing with non-portable filenames: such files
> are now quoted unambiguously on the terminal (no change when sent to a
> file or pipeline).  There have already been a lot of complaints upstream
> about the new quoting, and an upcoming upstream release may soften the
> blow by tweaking the heuristics of how the quoting is done, but I am not
> going to deviate from upstream's decision about it being a saner
> default.  You can always set an environment variable to your preferred
> quoting style if you don't like ls's default.

Could you please tell me what environment variable that is?  I've looked in
the ls man page and info file, and they don't say.

Of course one can define a shell alias.  Just wondering if there's an
environment variable that we can use instead.


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