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Re: ctrl-c doesn't reliably kill ping

On Mar 14, 2016, at 6:45 PM, Frank Farance <> wrote:
> I have been having this problem with "ping".  If I "ping" a location that doesn't exist, then "ping" just hangs and cannot be killed via "kill -KILL [pid]â.

Are you certain that youâre using the Cygwin ping, and not the native Windows ping?

Cygwin ping requires admin privileges, so youâd definitely know if you were using it.  In a non-Admin shell, you see:

  $ ping gw
  ping: socket: Operation not permitted

You canât expect native Windows executables to respond in a POSIXy way to POSIX signals.

(As for âwhyâ Cygwin ping requires admin privileges and native ping does not, itâs because native ping uses a special DLL that avoids the need for raw sockets.  Cygwin ping requires raw sockets in order to do things in a POSXYy way.)

> if I type the URL http://something.that.doesnt.exist in my browser, rather than getting a Hostname Not Found error (at the name resolution level), it actually loads up a page saying "something.that.doesnt.exist" isn't found and then I have a Yahoo set of search results on things matching the broken hostname.

Use GRCâs DNS benchmark to find a DNS server that is not only fast but also standards-compliant:

If you canât be bothered, use Googleâs DNS: and
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