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Problem with line buffering and getc function on 1.7.33.

Hi all,

On a Cygwin installation version 1.7.33-2(0.280/5/3), I encountered an odd issue.

I wrote it up in a StackOverflow question:

This contains a repro test case.

For the benefit of non-users of WWW, the summary is this:
I'm sending data to a stdio stream which has been fdopen-ed from a socket
descriptor (which could be irrelevant). The stream is put into line
buffered mode with setvbuf.  When the getc function is used to perform
output on this stream, it loses data. When the string "REPLY\n" is sent,
character by character, the receiver receives only "\n".

If line buffering is not employed, or of putc(ch, stream) is replaced
by fputs(str, stream) (where str is a one-character-long string containing
the character to be output), then things work as expected.

Here is a patch I put into the real program where this issue was

with the patch, TXR's socket test cases pass on Cygwin.
The tests pass on Solaris 10, various GNU/Linuxes and Mac OS 10.7.3.

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