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Problem with ssh-host-config?

I'm having a strange problem with the sshd configuration script on Windows 8. I'm calling it as follows, where I expect both the fjsupport Windows user account and /etc/passwd entry to be created by the script:

/bin/ssh-host-config -y -c ntsec -u fjsupport -w <the password>

If the user has no entry in /etc/passwd, it creates the Windows account, but then complains when it comes to create the sshd service that the privileged user does not exist (I think it means in /etc/passwd). If I add the user to /etc/passwd (using mkpasswd after the first run) and just remove the Windows account, then it sees that the user exists in /etc/passwd and does not attempt to create a Windows account, then complaining that it cannot use the (non-existent) Windows user when it tries to create the service. If I have both the Windows account (with privileges) and the /etc/passwd entry beforehand, everything is fine, but of course it doesn't have to make either.

By stepping through the script (incidentally, the -d flag doesn't work properly?), I found that the csih_create_privileged_user function is using the variable ${username} to write to /etc/passwd. But when called as above this variable is not set. So that doesn't update /etc/passwd and it (later) thinks the user is not known. This is at line 3069 in

/usr/bin/mkpasswd -l -u "${username}" >> "${SYSCONFDIR}/passwd"

Changing ${username} to ${csih_PRIVILEGED_USERNAME} seems to fix the problem and everything works as expected.

So I have the result I want, but I'm not sure that the fix above is correct. Isn't it normal to use ssh-host-config to create the user in Windows and /etc/passwd? In which case why isn't everyone getting this problem? Or am I using the script the wrong way?


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