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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mksh-52c-1

Version 52c-1 of "mksh" has been uploaded.

MirBSD Korn Shell, an actively developed free implementation of the
Korn Shell programming language and a successor to the Public Domain
Korn Shell.

[tg] Shave 200 bytes off .text by revisiting string pooling
[tg, Jorg] Fix manpage for ditroff on Schillix
[tg, wbx] Use sed 1q instead of unportable head(1)
[tg] Implement underrun debugging tool for area-based memory allocator
[tg] Fix history underrun when first interactive command is entered
[tg, bef0rd] Do not misinterpret â${0/}â as â${0//â, fixes segfault
[tg, StÃphane Chazelas] Fix display problems with special parameters
[tg, StÃphane Chazelas] Catch attempt to trim $* and $@ with ?, fixes
segfault (Todd Miller did this in 2004 for ${x[*]} already, so just
[Martijn Dekker] Fix âcommand -pâ with -Vv to behave as POSIX requires
[tg, jilles, Oleg Bulatov] Fix recusive parser with active heredocs
[tg] Flush even syntax-failing or interrupted commands to history
[tg, fmunozs] Fix invalid memory access for â'\0'â in arithmetics
[tg] Explicitly reserve SIGEXIT and SIGERR for ksh
[tg, izabera] Catch missing here documents at EOF even under âset -nâ
[kre, tg] Document Austin#1015 handling (not considered a violation)
[tg, fmunozs] Fix buffer overread for empty nameref targets
[tg] Fix warnings pointed out by latest Debian gcc-snapshot
[tg, Martijn Dekker] Document upcoming set +o changes
[Martijn Dekker] Expand testsuite for command/whence


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