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Re: Issues with ACL settings after updating to the latest cygwin.dll - correction

On Mar  7 20:12, wrote:
> Hi, Corinna
> Here an example of one problematic ACL
> Here on /etc directory (here on remote system)
> [...]
> # file: .
> # owner: Unknown+User
> # group: Unknown+Group
> user::rwx
> group::r-x
> other:r-x
> default:user::rwx
> default:group::r-x
> default:other:r-x
> $ icacls .
>   S-1-5-21-1315901005-2739448750-426064240-1000:(F)
>   S-1-5-21-1315901005-2739448750-426064240-513:(RX)
>   Tout le monde:(RX)
>   Tout le monde:(OI)(CI)(IO)(RX)

I assume your machines are not in a domain?  The SIDs of that user on
the remote machine are unknown to Cygwin.  For the time being, Cygwin
can't automatically fetch SIDs on remote shares unless you're using
Active Directory.

To fix that locally you have to create /etc/passwd and /etc/group
entries for the remote accounts using `mkpasswd -l <remote machine name>'
and `mkgroup -l <remote machein name>'.  Other than that, the above
SID and it's evaluation via getfacl are perfectly valid.

> When I get Security Tab for this directory,
> Windows returns a popup message "Authorizations on etc unordered, some entries may be skipped"
> After answering OK, a new panel is shown and as I click on Advanced Autorisations
> Windows returns a message proposing to order the ACLs.
> After ordering, I get :

Again, don't do that.  What do you want to do *exactly*?  Do you want to
change the owner and group of the file?  If so, use Cygwin's chown,
please.  Never rearrange Cygwin ACLs using non-Cygwin tools if you want
them to stay functional for the reasons outlined in my previous replies.


Corinna Vinschen                  Please, send mails regarding Cygwin to
Cygwin Maintainer                 cygwin AT cygwin DOT com
Red Hat

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