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Problems with Qt5's QDesktopServices::openUrl()


currently I have two applications  which I compiled myself under Cygwin:
GPSBabel and QMapShack.   Both use Qt5, both provide online help via the
browser,  and both fail doing so  in my environment.   The version of my
various Qt5 packages is 5.5.1-1.

Looking at the source code of GPSBabel and QMapShack I can see that both
are using  QDesktopServices::openUrl()  to start the browser and to dis-
play the URL provided.  The message on standard error is in both cases

Launch failed (/C/Program Files/Mozilla Firefox/firefox

except that QMapShack, of course, uses a different URL.

I placed a short script named "firefox"  in my personal "~/bin/" direct-
ory (which is the  first in environment variable "PATH")  containing the
three lines

   #! /bin/ksh
   "/C/Program Files/Mozilla Firefox/firefox" "$@"
   echo Firefox via script.

which caused  QDesktopServices::openUrl() to succeed.   I then created a
directory named "~/blank bin/",  prefixed my "PATH" environment variable
with it, moved the "firefox" script from "~/bin/" to "~/blank bin/", and
then QDesktopServices::openUrl()  failed  again,  while a direct call of
"firefox"  from the command line  correctly called  my script
and opened the web page.

So I assume QDesktopServices::openUrl()  at least under Cygwin is having
a problem with  blanks in  path names  and maybe  also with  the missing
".exe" extension (see the "Launch failed" error message).

Does anybody have an idea what to do next or whom to contact?


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