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Latest perl JSON::XS failing when threaded

I updated cygwin today, and now perl JSON::XS fails to be able to
decode json data if it is run in a multi-threaded script.  I tested
both x86_64 and x86 32-bit versions of cygwin, and they both have the
issue: once I launch a new thread, JSON::XS refuses to parse anything,
even in the primary thread and even if the launched thread didn't do
any json work.  The error is similar to this for a decode_json() call:

Thread 1 terminated abnormally: JSON text must be an object or array [...]

Note that it is complaining about the arg not being an object when
decoding takes a string. If I pass it an object, it accepts the
wrong-typed var and fails with a parsing error.

I forcefully uninstalled JSON::XS and the bug goes away.

I'll append a simple test script that tries to do a decrypt_json() in a thread.

use strict;
use warnings;
use threads;
use JSON::XS;

print "Normal:\n"; # This works:

print "Threaded:\n"; # This throws an error:
my $t = threads->create(\&test_json_xs);

sub test_json_xs
    my $test = <<EOT;
    "testing": [ "one", "two", "three" ]
    my $try = decode_json($test);
    if (ref $try->{testing} eq 'ARRAY') {
        print "OK!\n";
    } else {
        print "FAIL!\n";

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