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RE: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Assorted MinGW-w64 toolchain libraries and tools

> Not MinGW applications, unless they are Cygwin-hosted tools used for
> cross-compiling (which I think we have pretty well covered).

Not even things like rustc, node.js, or julia which cannot be compiled
as cygwin-linked applications (rust might be possible but I don't think
anyone has tried recently) but can be compiled as mingw applications?
Or are you suggesting those should remain distributed via their own
channels rather than cygwin-packaged now that a few of the mingw
libraries they depend on are starting to be included in the distro
(and the remainder could be added). Seeing the cross-compiled libraries
become available removes some of the need people may have to use a
certain popular Cygwin fork, which does have quite a few mingw
applications packaged as well.

> LLVM/Clang version bumps are time-consuming to get right. I actually
> looked at 3.6, but MCJIT did not work OOTB with PE/COFF targets. I'll
> have to see what the story is with 3.7.

Understandable. 3.8 is in RC right now so maybe try building the
release_38 branch if you get to it soon, otherwise wait a few weeks.
I'm trying to figure out how to cross-build mingw llvm via cmake
now that they've deprecated autotools (it's still there in 3.8 with
a warning, but has been deleted on trunk which will become 3.9).

I'll check your i686-libgit2 package soon, but I suspect it may be
affected by and need
to be built with -mincoming-stack-boundary=2


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