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Re: Issues with ACL settings after updating to the latest cygwin.dll

Greetings, xnor!

>>It is normal and was normal for at least seventeen years.
> That's a blatant lie.
> It never happened to me before, and I doubled checked this by installing 
> the older 2.3. It didn't happen before 2.4.

"Never happened to you" does not equal "wasn't the case".
Your presumptuous supposition does not count towards your credit.

>>You'd be surprizedâ But the actual answer is "yes".
> I actually am surprised since you seem to have undergone a sex change 
> and are now Corinna.

Or perhaps I know a little about inhabitants of this list?
A little something that tells me Corinna would have no issues reading her
mother language?

>>You weren't asked for "portable".
> I didn't talk to you. You weren't asked anything.

> I find it quite rude that you feel the need to intrude into a discussion 
> giving nonsensical know-it-all responses .. even on behalf of other 
> people.

> I'll ignore further emails from you, thanks for wasting my time.

You're welcome.

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Thursday, February 11, 2016 02:19:26

Sorry for my terrible english...

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