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Re: Failing 'make check' for non-Cygwin GMP-ECM package

Mark Geisert wrote:
Achim Gratz wrote:
Mark Geisert writes:
I'm seeing an odd issue after building the GMP-ECM 6.4.4 package from
Inria.  I downloaded the .tar.gz file and unpacked, ran configure,
then make and 'make check'.  I get a SIGSEGV from a test using ecm.exe
as part of 'make check'.

It seems that this release is three years old.  Did you try autoreconf
or just configure?  If the latter, it may simply not recognize the
current Cygwin correctly in its configury.

Thanks for the idea but trying it didn't change the symptoms.  With more
debugging this seems to me like some kind of dynamic relocation issue so I'm
looking further in that direction within the Cygwin DLL.

Replying to myself... Yes, there appear to be two separate bugs colluding to break things the way I'm seeing. First, the application's object file has R_X86_64_PC32 relocation markers for functions it wants to pull in from cyggmp-10.dll. These relocation entries apparently allow for only 4 bytes of address.

Second, the relocation that actually needs doing in this testcase results in addresses above 4GB, so they need more than 4 bytes to be stored. There is code in Cygwin's to check for this situation but it is being skipped because __OPTIMIZE__ has been #define'd somewhere by the procedure that builds Cygwin. Instead, the relocated address gets truncated before being written back to memory, rather than provoking the error report "Invalid relocation. [...] doesn't fit into 32 bits".

I don't know if the first bug could be caused by improper compiler options or whatnot. Here's the gcc invocation for that one object file:

/bin/sh ./libtool --tag=CC --mode=compile gcc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I./x86_64 -pipe -g -O2 -march=haswell -MT libecm_la-mpmod.lo -MD -MP -MF deps/libecm_la-mpmod.Tpo -c -o libecm_la-mpmod.lo `test -f 'mpmod.c' || echo './'`mpmod.c libtool: compile: gcc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I./x86_64 -pipe -g -O2 -march=haswell -MT libecm_la-mpmod.lo -MD -MP -MF .deps/libecm_la-mpmod.Tpo -c mpmod.c -o libecm_la-mpmod.o

Configure does know it's building for x86_64. I am up to date on binutils and this is on Cygwin 2.4.1, Win7 64-bit.


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