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Problems of arrow keys when using pygame

Greetings to all,
I have been using cygwin to run some pygame test and found that arrow
keys broken after a while. So I used the lib to detect the key_down
event, and I found that arrow keys became number keys [2][4][6][8] as
numberic keypad keys, and when that happend, it would never receive a
key_up event of those keys. Though, after switched out to non-cygwin
apps and switched back, the program received the key_up event and
arrow keys back to work.
And moreover, when using xfce4-session, it appears that the terminal
has the same problem of broken arrow keys, though it appears much less
frequently so I am not 100% certain.
Additionally, I am using a surface keypad (which doesnot have a
numberic keypad with or without functional keys pressed).
The cygcheck -s -v -r result is attached as plain text. I did not run
cygcheck -k as the error can only be triggerred after quite a while
pressing other keys which makes me not able to find the error in
I am not from a country using English as official language. Sorry for
my poor English.
Thanks all.

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