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Re error after installing cygwin64

The choice of using usr/local/bin was the way to go according to the INSTALL instructions with most of the programs.

some use ./confire    -    make     -     make install

some use      make     make install

I think one used just make and one used Build.

If I remember the wording correctly "they say" copy your "package" "program" to the usr/local/bin foler and then in cycgwin use cd drive:/cygwin64/usr/local/bin and the use the followinf commands or script to install the package/program


htslib configure - make - make install ok
> samtools configure ok
> Robert@DESKTOP-14EL82S /usr/local/bin/samtools-1.3

Personal preference: in general "/usr/local/bin" is not the place
that I will use as build area.

> $ ./configure

can you please clarify what is your problem ?

I tried to build samtools-1.3 and it has at least two issue
for a porting to cygwin:

- on Makefile there is a -rdynamic that does not work on cygwin
- the package require expl and logl that are not yet available in cygwin


 Bob May
DNA Projects I2b L415, I2c L596 HG, Spriggs of Cleve SA Family & Tyler Surname and ISOGG YTree 		 	   		  
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