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Re: Error installing/updating Cygwin on Windows 10

On 1/24/2016 8:53 PM, Maarten Jacobs wrote:
Duncan - thanks for the suggestion!

Larry - I'm not sure what you mean by " If you use the latest Cygwin
package, you won't see this error.". This error started when I installed
Cygwin from scratch, using the latest setup.exe from the website.
Presumably using the setup.exe from the website, and starting with a
clean install should ensure I have the "latest Cygwin package" -
whichever package this maye be?

the Cygwin distribution is a rolling release so at any point in time,
you're installing the latest packages, assuming you don't specify other available versions. But, since you installed, the Cygwin package itself has
been updated to address the specific issue you're seeing.  If you want the
benefits of that, you should upgrade (or reinstall).  If you don't, that's
fine.  But my response was as much for others that may see this thread as
for you.  In other words, regardless of whether you find Duncan's
information helpful, others should not need to use it.  If someone finds
that's not true, the problem should be reported to the list using the
problem reporting guidelines found at the link below:




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