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Re: snapshots (archive files) are too big ... Why?

On 2016-01-23 20:25, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Jan 23 20:09, Houder wrote:
On 2016-01-23 19:10, Corinna Vinschen wrote:

>I found out why this happens, I just don't know why it only occurs since
>The reason is the script is using an expression along the lines of
>  find ... | tar -T - --no-recursion -cjf ...
>It turns out that the --no-recursion option only works for me, if it
>comes *prior* to the expression specifying the filenames to archive.
>That is, I had to change the script to use
>  find ... | tar --no-recursion -T - -cjf ...
>instead.  Funny enough, `info tar' still contains an example using
>the original order...

Ah, thank you for the effort you took and for your explanation. (yes,
the reason for the "big" files was simpler than I was guessing at).

However, I cannot confirm your finding at my end (using Cygwin). Still, I am sure you will take another look at the size of a snapshot when you
create one the next time :-)

Of course I created local test snapshots using the above change.  They
only have one version of each file and are considerably smaller than the
previous versions.  I'm building on Fedora Linux if that matters.

@@ mkdir x
@@ cd x
@@ tar xJf ../cygwin-inst-20160121.tar.xz
@@ find etc usr | wc -l

# preferred order (options)? tar manual: 6.9 Descending into Directories)
@@ find etc usr | tar --no-recursion -T- -cJf ../foo.tar.xz

# NOT the preferred order (options)?
@@ find etc usr | tar -T- --no-recursion -cJf ../foo2.tar.xz
@@ tar tvJf ../foo.tar.xz > foo1
@@ tar tvJf ../foo2.tar.xz > foo2
@@ diff foo1 foo2
@@ wc -l foo*
  381 foo1
  381 foo2
  762 total

Did the same test on FC19. Same result.

But, let it rest for the moment, I would advice. Next time when you will
build a snapshot, you (we) will know.


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