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Re: Using Perl on Cygwin; how to prevent display of unwanted usage/error message?

Greetings, Kenneth Wolcott!

>   I'm using a qx call to "net user username /DOMAIN" (probably should
> use system instead) to determine whether a person having an active
> account in an application is still an employee.

>   I get two messages back (error and/or usage) when a username is not found.

> "The user name could not be found."

> and

> "More help is available by typing NET HELPMSG 2221."

> I'd like to hide (not display, not print) these two messages.

> Coming from a UNIX/Linux background, I'd do a "2>&1 > /dev/null"
> operation to dispose of STDOUT and STDERR, but "1<&2 > NUL" (suggested
> by

> "";

> does not seem to work.

That's... I don't know how to qualify this article, but it's just doesn't
quite work that way.
The semantics of redirection are same on Windows as on Linux.

net user username /DOMAIN > /dev/null 2>&1

or, under native shell (cmd)

net user username /DOMAIN > nul: 2>&1

>   I tried file descriptor 3, but that resulted in an error regarding
> unsupported file handle,. or something like that.

>   I was considering using IPC::Run3, but I don't think that will help
> with suppressing error message and usage message.

> Perhaps there is a Perl module that is native to Cygwin that will
> perform this kind of lookup for me?  Maybe a Perl module that is NOT
> native to Cygwin?

Another solution is to assign your own handles to the underlying process, but
considering you don't want the output at all, I don't see it viable.

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Saturday, January 23, 2016 15:42:00

Sorry for my terrible english...

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