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Using Perl on Cygwin; how to prevent display of unwanted usage/error message?


  I'm using a qx call to "net user username /DOMAIN" (probably should
use system instead) to determine whether a person having an active
account in an application is still an employee.

  I get two messages back (error and/or usage) when a username is not found.

"The user name could not be found."


"More help is available by typing NET HELPMSG 2221."

I'd like to hide (not display, not print) these two messages.

Coming from a UNIX/Linux background, I'd do a "2>&1 > /dev/null"
operation to dispose of STDOUT and STDERR, but "1<&2 > NUL" (suggested


does not seem to work.

  I tried file descriptor 3, but that resulted in an error regarding
unsupported file handle,. or something like that.

  I was considering using IPC::Run3, but I don't think that will help
with suppressing error message and usage message.

Perhaps there is a Perl module that is native to Cygwin that will
perform this kind of lookup for me?  Maybe a Perl module that is NOT
native to Cygwin?

Ken Wolcott

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