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RE: New cygwin install hanging on postinstall

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Andrey Repin []
> Sent: Thursday, January 21, 2016 11:35 PM
> Subject: Re: New cygwin install hanging on postinstall
> Greetings, KARR, DAVID!
> >> > I was installing cygwin for the first time on a Win7-32bit
> box.
> > It has 4g RAM.  Checking "Resource Monitor" while the install is
> running, there is 750MB "available".
> How much memory is "available" is not an indication for a 32-bit
> OS. You
> simply can not allocate more than 2GB of RAM to a single process
> without much
> hackery. Which means, certain applications could hit a roadblock
> just because
> of that. Same applies to your 4GB statement: You just can not use
> it all with
> 32-bit OS without much hackery on OS level, and that means slowing
> down entire
> system.
> You are really, really want 64-bit OS with more than 2GB RAM to see
> any light
> at the end of the tunnel.
> On top of that, if you are still struggling with installation, and
> hints
> offered in other messages did not helped to date, the most simple
> way would be
> to eliminate the failed Cygwin install and start anew, this time
> only install
> a base (setup default) set of tools first time, may be accompanying
> them by
> choice things of convenience, like wget and/or procps. But nothing
> overgrown
> like TexLive.

Ok.  I understand the basic procedure for uninstalling Cygwin, but what's the best way to reset the installer to the "base" install?

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