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Re: error for non-existing C:\Windows\SysWOW64\drivers\etc

Henri writes:
> Yes, your proposal will work ... BECAUSE in that specific case, redirection
> will be switched OFF (hey, study the URL that I posted).

Yes, I've read that.  What goes still unanswered is if that's the only
place Windows ever looks for those files.  I guess yes, but I can't find
no positive confirmation.

> Btw, Microsoft thinks the "SysNative nonsense" a necessity; it even patched
> XP in order to introduce that nonsense ...

I'm sure they think that and there's probably a PowerPoint with lots of
bullet points that says so.  But I've yet to meet anyone who thinks it
was a bright idea after running into it unexpectedly.  If anything, MS
themselves couldn't make it work without those exceptions whose
documentation is not easy to find.

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