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Re: Any progress on "Fork issues ith long command lines and long $PATH"?

Greetings, Ken Brown!

>> (2) I was using $USERPROFILE as an example. We have dozens of these
>> environment variables pointing to dozens directories. They enable us to
>> type in the same file name to emacs's find file (ctrl-x-ctrl-f) regardless
>> of who is logged in or which computer we are logged into (assuming that
>> every account has the same directory structure and propertly defined
>> environment variables).  Yes we can manually translate them at a bash
>> prompt but this is a lot more typing, cutting and pasteing. We also share
>> the same .emacs file that contains thousands of file names that contain
>> these environment variables. We will really missing feature of native
>> emacs.

> The fact that C-x C-f expands environment variables is not a special 
> feature of native Windows emacs.  But the expansion has to yield a valid 
> file name.  In the case of Cygwin emacs, that means a Posix path.

> Maybe you could write a script that uses cygpath to convert the relevant 
> environment variables to Posix paths, and then call this script from 
> your .bashrc.

I think it would be easier to just set Cygwin to use $USERPROFILE as $HOME.
Then $HOME would be a POSIX path you can use in the emacs config.

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Wednesday, January 20, 2016 12:18:43

Sorry for my terrible english...

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