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Re: Taking a very long time to run /etc/postinstall/

On Mon, Jan 18, 2016 at 1:06 PM, Kenneth Wolcott  wrote:
> <snipped: TexLive rebase-related symptoms>
>   Sometimes I wish that TexLive could be its own group in Cygwin as
> there are times that I'd like to pick most of what is in the Text
> Cygwin group without TexLive and sometimes I'd like to just pick
> TexLive..  Other times I'd just skip the Text Cygwin group completely.
>   In this case I really don't need TexLive but I like to have several
> other of the packages that are in the Text Cygwin group.

I have TexLive in at least one of my Cygwin setups even though I
didn't request it. Something else depends on it.

Why do you select the entire "Text" group? I would guess that the
reason is, your usage is different from mine. I don't select by
groups, I try to pick the things I need and they drag in the things
that they think they need. Have you ever tried to just pick the things
you want and let setup pick the things they need?

I think TexLive snuck in on me by this means. It's possible that even
if you took a "surgical" approach to the Text group you'd end up with
TexLive anyway.

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