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Latest X11 and num lock key.

Performed an update today (2016-01-14) which included the a new version of X11.

When I started my window manager (FluxBox) I noticed that I could not
use my numeric keypad.
I found this odd as my keyboard stated that num lock was indeed turned on.

I performed a google search and discovered that this is a known issue
in newer versions of X and believed to be a function of the window
manager to handle.  Note, some window managers have the ability to
enable/disable the num lock key, but unfortunately, mine does not.

A little more research and I discovered a little tool called
'numlockx'.  I had to download the source package from an Ubuntu
repository, but I was able to build it without issue.

If anyone else has the same problem as I, then you will need to
perform the following:
1. Download the source package.
2. Extract the tarball
3. ./configure && make && make install
4. Before you start your window manager (normally a config script) add
the command: numlockx &

In my case, my ~/.fluxbox/startup script looks something like:
numlockx &
exec fluxbox

Would it be possible for a X11 maintainer to add numlockx to the
official cygwin repository?

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