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Re: Quotes changed to odd characters in gcc error msgs

On Jan 13, 2016, at 8:05 AM, Chuck Roberts <> wrote:
> My TERM variable says "cygwinâ.

That means youâre running under the built-in Windows console, not MinTTY, which means you donât get UTF-8 support by default.

You could try âchcp 65001â but the real fix is to use MinTTY.  MinTTY has *many* features not available in the Windows Console.  Even the vastly upgraded version included with Windows 10 is a pale wannabe compared to MinTTY.  man mintty for details.

> 2) I'm using PSPad to edit some of my .C files.

Careful, there.  Unix is traditionally case-sensitive, and some programs coming from that tradition treat .C files differently from .c files.  One such tool is gcc, which will interpret your file as C++ even if you invoke it as gcc instead of g++.

GNU make also assumes .C is C++.

C++ is not 100% forwards compatible with C:

On Windows, NTFS is case-insensitive by default, but also case-preserving, so saving a file as *.C will invoke this automatic C++ treatment under Cygwin.

> the directory listing of files using 'ls -l' has the occasional
> file concatenated with the next file, like a carriage return is missing
> somewhere.

This may be a Windows Console bug, too.  Again, switch to MinTTY.  Itâs the default for a reason.
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