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Re: cygwin.dll: bug with select on Windows console

john hood writes:
> It appears I had not installed all the packages because I didn't have
> the setup command line syntax right, and didn't know it.  setup
> apparently does not do any validation of its command line arguments:
>   setup-x86.exe -M -P "docbook-xsl xmlto"
> fails to install any packages, and

Because there is no package "docbook-xsl xmlto".

>   setup-x86.exe -M -P docbook-xsl xmlto
> only installs the first.

Because non-option arguments are ignored when the command line is
processed as the corresponding handler is set to NULL and setup doesn't
check if there are any remaining arguments after option processing.
That could be changed, I guess.

> Neither give any indication that the command
> line is incorrect.

As far as setup is concerned, the command lines are correct.  To do what
you want, you can either comma-separate the package names behind a
single package option

   setup-x86.exe -M -P docbook-xsl,xmlto

or give one package per package option

   setup-x86.exe -M -P docbook-xsl -P xmlto

or even mix the two styles

   setup-x86.exe -M -P docbook-xsl,xmlto -P docbook-utils


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