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Re: Fwd: SSHD not connecting from outside(real) IP

thanks a lot for all the tips.
Ended up being a firewall issue on my modem.
I could connect from a machine on US (I am in Brazil) from work, and no were else. I started to map the incoming ports on the router and notice that it was actually not reaching the router. That lead me to conclude the problem was on the modem. I call the ISP, they told me they do not block anything (afffffffffffffffffff hate those guys so much !!!!!!!) and if I need any assistance on that matter, I had to call the manufacture of the modem. I tried that already, but the firmware is modified by ISP. This is a ridiculous situation ! I end up finding a team that has created a modified version of the modem that provides access to the firewall interface. Just select default rule to accept and voila ! Seems the ISP is really not blocking, but this is a hell of a crappy FW ! Now I can connect to my server by my phone, and from the remote locations I have access. I really can't connect on the server from any LAN machine using my WAN IP. I could not understand why of that. Anyhow, thanks a lot for all the tips and troubleshooting steps. That lead me to a resolution !
Thanks !!!

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