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Re: Fwd: SSHD not connecting from outside(real) IP

04.01.2016 22:05, João Paulo writes:
Hello all,
I have a mystery and I need help. I have openssh(Cygwin) installed and
working just fine in here.
I can connect normally from any of my machines to the server using local
IPs. Ex: ssh localhost or ssh BUT, when using my external
IP(over internet->real IP) it times out.
I can validate that the service is up and running on on the port FW I did for this service.
Port 22 is correctly FW to my SSHD server. On windows, I can only see an
entry on Security Events(attached) and nothing else after that. (Means
it is reaching my machine)
I have tried to reinstall Cygwin, change ports. sshd_config is in
default, disable firewall, AV. I ran out of ideas......
I had this working fine on previous window 7, now I am on Windows 10.

Try to issue the `traceroute' command to your real IP over the Internet from a Linux computer and specify packet length 1452. If it fails, then maybe a misconfigured router (e.g. CISCO) on the way has a lesser MTU set and large packets sent by SSH do not get through. If your Internet service provider indeed has this problem, then "MSS FIX 1452" command issued on a CISCO router may fix it.


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