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Re: SSHD not connecting from outside(real) IP

Do you have a firewall rule set up for SSHD?  (Control Panel ->
Administrative Tools -> Windows Firewall with Advanced Security ->
Inbound Rules)

Is the Profile set to "Private" - if so, set it to "ALL" (Properties
on the rule, then "Advanced" select all at the top).

You could always *temporarily* disable the windows firewall to see if
that's the issue (make sure to turn it back on again, though!!!)

This shouldn't be a problem though, I would think, since SSHD should
just think it is talking to your router and nothing else, even though
you are remote (since you're using a port forwarding rule).

Are the "Port", "AddressFamily", and "ListenAddress" lines commented
out at the top of your /etc/sshd_config?  (They should be.)

On Mon, Jan 4, 2016 at 2:05 PM, JoÃo Paulo <> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have a mystery and I need help. I have openssh(Cygwin) installed and
> working just fine in here.
> I can connect normally from any of my machines to the server using local
> IPs. Ex: ssh localhost or ssh BUT, when using my external
> IP(over internet->real IP) it times out.
> I can validate that the service is up and running on
> on the port FW I did for this service.
> Port 22 is correctly FW to my SSHD server. On windows, I can only see an
> entry on Security Events(attached) and nothing else after that. (Means it is
> reaching my machine)
> I have tried to reinstall Cygwin, change ports. sshd_config is in default,
> disable firewall, AV. I ran out of ideas......
> I had this working fine on previous window 7, now I am on Windows 10.
> Thanks.

Nem W Schlecht
 "Perl did the magic.  I just waved the wand."

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