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Re: Two web page issues

On Mon, Jan 4, 2016 at 1:18 PM, Eli Barzilay <> wrote:
> (I'm not subscribed to this list, so hopefully this will work.)

I'm mildly surprised it did (see below).

> One thing that bugged me in the past is the use of "BLODA" in the FAQ
> text ("all software on the BLODA") -- since it's part of the text, an
> obvious question is what it means, and, confusingly enough, that's not
> explained in the text that BLODA links to.

I don't know how this is linked to; I have it bookmarked.

> I eventually googled my way to the explanation that time -- and since
> fork issues are rare enough, it's been enough time to forget the
> meaning of that thing, so I just went down the same path.  Again.
> I'm guessing that someone thought that it'll catch on as a term,
> but it still looks like a cygwin-ism.
> (For extra credit, google now helpfully suggests images -- look for it
> now, then imagine that someone else looked at your screen as you're
> trying to stutter something that sounds technical.)

This extra credit assignment was ... interesting...  ;)

> It would be nice if the above text says just "all software on <this
> list>", or otherwise explains the meaning in the #faq.using.bloda entry.
> A second thing that could use some friendly improvement is to list the
> email address of this list in the page that describes it.  AFAICT, this
> should be -- but there is nowhere that I
> see there where the actual email is found...  In theory, I guess that I
> could read through and reach the point
> where it says "Mail sent to will go to the
> list" and guess that the "cygwin:" entry means that that's the email.
> But in practice this is as good as not being there...

I've found it before, but I'm subscribed, so... specifically not
listing the address is a common spam prevention method, and many lists
will reject (silently or otherwise) email from non-subscribed
addresses as a spam prevention method as well.

-- Erik

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