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Two web page issues

(I'm not subscribed to this list, so hopefully this will work.)

One thing that bugged me in the past is the use of "BLODA" in the FAQ
text ("all software on the BLODA") -- since it's part of the text, an
obvious question is what it means, and, confusingly enough, that's not
explained in the text that BLODA links to.  I eventually googled my way
to the explanation that time -- and since fork issues are rare enough,
it's been enough time to forget the meaning of that thing, so I just
went down the same path.  Again.  I'm guessing that someone thought that
it'll catch on as a term, but it still looks like a cygwin-ism.

(For extra credit, google now helpfully suggests images -- look for it
now, then imagine that someone else looked at your screen as you're
trying to stutter something that sounds technical.)

It would be nice if the above text says just "all software on <this
list>", or otherwise explains the meaning in the #faq.using.bloda entry.

A second thing that could use some friendly improvement is to list the
email address of this list in the page that describes it.  AFAICT, this
should be -- but there is nowhere that I
see there where the actual email is found...  In theory, I guess that I
could read through and reach the point
where it says "Mail sent to will go to the
list" and guess that the "cygwin:" entry means that that's the email.
But in practice this is as good as not being there...

                    ((x=>x(x))(x=>x(x)))                   Eli Barzilay:
                             Maze is Life!

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