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Re: XWin dpi setting not working?

Wei Ku <wei_j_ku <at>> writes:
> My recently purchased laptop has a rather high resolution 3200x1800, 
> corresponding to roughly 300 dpi.  Consequently, everything looks tiny in 
> the default setting of the Cygwin X server.  Adding an option "-dpi 300"
to XWin
> XWin does not seem to have any effect.  (The cygserver is enabled.)  Can a
> any one please advise how to solve / workaround this issue?  Thanks in a
> advance for the great help.

If the monitor reports the correct physical dimensions of the screen, then
the dpi are usually determined correctly without any manual intervention
(note that in some cases the physical dimensions are "faked" to get integer
multiples of 96dpi or to set the pixel aspect ratio to 1:1).  Your
expectation that somehow that DPI setting will influence the presentation of
X applications is on shaky ground, however.  HiDPI support for X11 is
rudimentary at best and many applications use bitmap fonts or fixed
resolution graphics by default.  You may try to use a scaled display (either
2:1 or 3:1 in your case) or if you know which applications you are going to
use fiddle with their defaults to adapt them to your display better.


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